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konjac flour nutrition


Konjac flour is the result of processing konjac chips into powder form.


Konjac flour or konjac root powder is prepared entirely from konjac root. Our goods’ glucomannan content and viscosity produce good results with modern purification technology and are acceptable for food grade and industrial pharma grade.


konjac root nutrition facts
Konjac Root Extract 100%
Colour White
Particle Size (Mesh) 80-100
Konjac Root Glucomannan Content (%DB) 80-99
Viscosity (Mpa.s) 35K-43K
Moisture (%) 10.93
pH (1%) 7
Ash (%WB) 1.1
Protein Total 0.69
Calsium Oxalate (%WB) 0.002
Salmonella spp /10g Negative
E.coli /5g Negative
Production /monthly 25 tons
Packaging (PP Bags/Fibre Drums) 25 kgs
Shelf life 24 months

Konjac flour types

Konjac flour comes in two varieties, which are Konjac Flour Glucomannan 70, 80 and 90. Konjac flour containing 90% glucomannan is a soluble dietary fiber that may help with weight loss, digestive health, blood sugar regulation, and cholesterol reduction. It should be used sparingly and as part of a well-balanced diet. Nevertheless, the appropriate fiber content may vary based on the individual’s demands and may not be beneficial for everyone. Also, the decision between the two flours may be influenced by personal tastes and budget.

Glucomannan 70 Glucomannan 80 Glucomannan 90
100% Konjac Extract Root 100% Konjac Extract Root 100% Konjac Extract Root
70-79% Glucomannan Content 80-90% Glucomannan Content 90-99% Glucomannan Content
80-100 Mesh 80-100 Mesh 80-100 Mesh
<30.000 Viscosity 30.000-34.000 Viscosity ≥35.000 Viscosity
Food Grade Food Grade Pharma and Food Grade
Min. order 1 ton Min. order 1 ton Min. order 1 ton



Food Emulsifier

A high glucomannan content konjac powder can be used as an emulsifier.

konjac flour bread

Food Texture

Konjac flour may also give dishes a crispy, crunchy, and silky texture.

konjac calories

Food Thickener

A high viscosity konjac powder can be used as a thickening.


Food Stabilizer

Konjac powder can also help to keep culinary components stable.